Adam Christopher | Steampunk and dark fantasy author. Now with added superheroes!

Adam Christopher is a New Zealand-born SF writer living in the sunny north of England.

And now in glorious colour…

New Gods, new look! Okay, cheesy as hell. But sometimes cheese is good, right?

What isn’t cheesy at all is the fab new banner crafted by fellow comic book and general SF afficiando Lee Medcalf, to whom I am eternally grateful for his mad skillz. Lee can be found on Twitter as @CartoonBeardy, and his excellent blog is linked to the right there. Lee is currently slagging off my favourite author, H.P. Lovecraft, over on his site, so be sure to pay him a visit and post spam in his comments. Tell him I sent you!

Why the change? Well, steampunk is dark and monochromatic and greasy, while superheroes are bright and breezy. So this blog is now in presented in colour-o-vision! Behold the fine blue background, it took ages to find the right shade.

So my thanks to Lee, whose banner will be proudly displayed as I tackle my second novel!


  Lee Medcalf wrote @

Thanks for the thumbs up. The banner looks pretty swish… Not so keen on the HP Lovecraft fans call to arms though ;) :p

Which reminds me, time to get back to the Necronomicon… I ran out of sleeping pills Arf!

  Adam Christopher wrote @


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