Adam Christopher | Steampunk and dark fantasy author. Now with added superheroes!

Adam Christopher is a New Zealand-born SF writer living in the sunny north of England.

Don’t panic!

Book progress since 1st May: precisely zero. Disappointing? Of course, but it’s important not to fret about it. We have house guests staying until the end of June, and there are several days of holiday coming up, and I’m still re-establishing my daily routine after a period of entirely expected disruption. So, there are 139 days left until my self-imposed 100,000-word deadline, and with 93,391 words to go my required daily wordcount is up to 671 words.

So we’re ok. I can relax and not worry – there is little point. If you are stressed about writing, which is supposed to be something you love and that you need to do, you’ll quickly sap the enjoyment out of it and it becomes a chore, a daily slog you feel obliged to complete.

While Dark Heart has not moved in two weeks, I am making progress on my ever-growing reading list. Crystal Rain is a mighty fine book, and presents an interesting technique – in 358 pages there are 83 chapters, which means most are only a couple of pages each. The effect of this is to a] make the book feel like it is rattling along, and b] make the book quite easy to pick up and put down, as if you are short on reading time you can take a chapter or two at a time, which is pretty satisfying.

Works for me!

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