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SF news flash #1

Now if only I had a microphone like Kermit used to have…

Lost Metropolis footage found! Well now, there’s something nobody thought would ever happen. Fans of Fritz Lang’s 1927 magnum opus will be dying for the footage to be restored all crisp and shiny-like and Blu-rayed as soon as possible (can I use Blu-rayed as a verb?). Speaking of shiny, Pantechnicon has a nice, new, clean look, and a new issue as well – go and grab the entirely free PDF of issue seven, and while you’re about it, check out the forum, where you’ll find me as Carnacki. Actually I’ll have something coming up online in a week or two, and I’m also pleased to say that my short novella prequel to Dark Heart, The Devil in Chains, will be published in two parts in the PDF edition of Pantechnicon, starting with issue 8. I’ll be blogging more about that when the time comes and offering delicious samples of voodoo steampunk goodness here, of course. And staying with publishing and writing, I was talking to Gwen Gades from the quite frankly hot Dragonmoon Press, and she mentioned a few rather interesting titles they’ve got coming up. If I were you I’d visit the site and load up your shopping cart. And another book you should all be snapping up is Wiffle Lever to Full by my friend Bob Fisher – if you ever want to really, REALLY know what goes on at Robin of Sherwood conventions (I’m entirely serious), then this no doubt the definitive tome. Bob will be launching his book at PM2008, a one-day celebration of all things related to The Prisoner, being held on Sunday July 13th at – my favourite place ever ever – Portmeirion. Oh boy! I’ll be there representing the Detroit Ninja Academy, so do feel free to challenge me to a quick bout of Kosho should you see me lurking around Hercules Hall looking for trouble.

Oh, and with 90 days to go until my deadline Zoe came along and told me she needed her own chapter about her midnight adventures in the ice fog. Nothing like adding another 2000 words to your list when you haven’t opened Scrivener in weeks!

I am officially in Wales

Penmachno to be precise. Blog to resume in a few days. I have local ales to sample!

Back in the saddle

Nothing like a week off to rejuvenate and clear the mind. Especially when said week includes my second-favourite place in the whole of the UK, Avebury. Boring holiday snaps to follow!

Don’t panic!

Book progress since 1st May: precisely zero. Disappointing? Of course, but it’s important not to fret about it. We have house guests staying until the end of June, and there are several days of holiday coming up, and I’m still re-establishing my daily routine after a period of entirely expected disruption. So, there are 139 days left until my self-imposed 100,000-word deadline, and with 93,391 words to go my required daily wordcount is up to 671 words.

So we’re ok. I can relax and not worry – there is little point. If you are stressed about writing, which is supposed to be something you love and that you need to do, you’ll quickly sap the enjoyment out of it and it becomes a chore, a daily slog you feel obliged to complete.

While Dark Heart has not moved in two weeks, I am making progress on my ever-growing reading list. Crystal Rain is a mighty fine book, and presents an interesting technique – in 358 pages there are 83 chapters, which means most are only a couple of pages each. The effect of this is to a] make the book feel like it is rattling along, and b] make the book quite easy to pick up and put down, as if you are short on reading time you can take a chapter or two at a time, which is pretty satisfying.

Works for me!

Humphrey Lyttleton 1921 – 2008

A slight interruption to the usual talk about writing today. Last night brought some very sad news.

British jazz legend and host of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, Humphrey Lyttleton, died yesterday at 7pm following surgery for an aortic aneurysm. He was 86.

There’s not really anything I can say that hasn’t been said far more eloquently by his friends, family and colleagues. The Independent has a great obituary which was written with Humph’s own input, which is exactly his sort of style.

I’m just extremely grateful that my wife and I managed to attend two recordings of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue since we arrived in the UK in 2006. The first was in Wimbledon in June 2007, the second in Manchester at the end of the year. We’d both been fans for years, listening to Radio 4 on the internet. In all honesty, attending a recording of ISIHAC was actually at the top of my list of things to do once we had moved to the UK. And we did it twice, and on both occassions we emerged from the theatre exhausted and aching with laughter.

So it’s the end of an era. ISIHAC is over – panellists Barry Cryer, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden won’t continue without the Chairman. British radio has lost its most prized gem.

The world is a much smaller place without him.

Nearly there

Building blogs is painful fun. Fun because you’re creating something brand new. Painful because no matter how great the templates available are, there is always something not quite right. And as I know zip about CSS, it’s all a matter of trial and error.

So it’s almost ready. Very nearly there.

Coming soon!

Welcome to my blog! Stay tuned!


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